The global economy is being re-formed by a new digital revolution, driven by the combination of open-source crypto economics and decentralised ledger technology. Our vision is simple: we envisage a world where assets are digital and anyone can interact and transact with each other directly, in a trusted, secure, and transparent manner. This will drastically shift the power dynamics of our society and bring about unimaginable efficiencies for the global economy.

For thousands of years, humans have faced several macro-economic revolutions as a result of technological advances that aim to increase efficiency and coordination of human activity. These economics advancements have always been based on the subjective trust base layer of societies. This subjective trust assumption breaks down if there is an imbalance of power, corruption or where there is information asymmetry.

Critically, identifying breaches of trust has become increasingly difficult with data being siloed by companies and their proprietary data sets. Yet over the last 10 years we have seen consistent and very public breakdowns in this trust dynamic. From LIBOR fixing and the NSA spying scandal to Cambridge Analytica and the Equifax hack, the breakdown of trust have impacted all levels of our society.

Open source decentralised networks and cryptography allows us to eliminate the trust needed to coordinate human behaviour. Such decentralised networks have allowed individuals to securely transact value with one another directly as well as provide the foundations for the next layer of application development, free from the confines of company specific platform risk.

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