Blockchain technology enables previously unseen coordination and cooperation via decentralised networks.

The world in which we live is being re-formed by a digital revolution driven through the combination of open-source networks and cryptoasset economies based upon decentralised ledger or blockchain technology. Our vision is clear. We forsee a world where:

►   Anyone is able to interact and directly transact with one other, in a trusted, secure, and transparent manner.
►   Developers build open source applications on top of open source protocols with zero platform risk leading to an explosion of innovation.
►   Decentralised applications can communicate directly with each other enabling the creation of fully autonomous decentralised organisations enhancing productivity.

This innovation drastically shifts the power dynamics of our society and bring about unimaginable efficiencies for the global economy.  There are three key features of the new economic structures brought about by this technological revolution:

Disintermediated TRUST:

►  Global marketplaces allowing any two individuals anywhere in the world to conduct business without permissions.

►  Complete accountability that discourages bad behaviour and reduces malicious intent and nefarious actors.

►  Fully transparent and auditable voting systems at network and governmental levels.


►  Bypassing of expensive and sometimes corruptible counterparties and intermediaries.

►  Streamlined payment processing and improved transactions speeds.

►  Fully auditable tracking and provenance of the lifecycle of products.

Provable SECURITY:

►  Complete ownership of your data, who you share it with, and how you monetise it.

►  Digital identification and authentication permitting reliable reputations systems.

►  Financial sovereignty; preventing your long-term savings from ever being confiscated.