To apply a principled and innovative investment strategy within decentralised networks.

Through enacting our strategy, ID Theory aim to play a role in supporting the creation of a fairer, more effective and sustainable economy. We are passionate about the impact this technology can have on the world and take great pride in giving our investors measured exposure to what we believe will be one of the largest transfers of wealth in a generation.

The founding partners have a combined 11 years of blockchain specific investment experience and both left successful complimentary decade long careers to focus fulltime on the blockchain space. Over the last 12 months they have assembled an experienced and multidisciplinary team to tackle this opportunity. They understand what it takes for a project to be successful in the long term and can prosecute an innovative investment strategy leveraging their prior experience of this volatile, emerging asset class. They believe that there is no substitute to first-hand experience, which is why they consistently participate in, and experiment with, these projects prior to investing.

ID Theory have observed the industry grow from its origins as a liberal cypherpunk movement into a burgeoning industry and emerging asset class that is now attracting the world’s best and brightness. However, we believe that the majority of current projects will fail leaving a discrete selection to go on and act as the foundations of a future decentralised world. ID Theory was founded to identify and give optimal exposure to these projects within this asset class.

We have three fundamental building blocks upon which our mission is based:

Investing in this space has provided many opportunities whilst at the same time teaching many valuable lessons. ID Theory have seen projects come and go and many cycles start and finish. All of these learnings feed into our thesis driven portfolio construction and risk management strategy.


In such a complex, noisy and opaque ecosystem ID Theory take pride in being grounded in fundamental investment principles that we are confident will stand the test of time. Projects must be open source and must have a fundamental reason for needing to be a decentralised network.


Asset security and regulatory clarity are front of mind at all times. ID Theory have created a structural and operational setup leveraging industry gold standard custody solutions and leading service providers to create a fully regulated and tax efficient vehicle for our investors.